1/72 Seven Years War

The Seven Years War (SYW) was a major conflict fought between 1756 and 1763 involving all the major European potences of the time.

Great Britain and Prussia were aligned in a side, while France and Austria were aligned in the other side, with Russian support till 1762 (switched sides upon the succession of Tsar Peter III)

The conflict were fought in Europe mainland as well as American colonies, caribbean and philippines. In the American colonies, it’s named as the French and Indian wars, considered by many as an independent conflict.

Despite of being one of the most important conflicts of all times, it has few attention in the 1/72 scale, most of the set released only cover Prussian and Austrian armies, you can find a good enough quantity (and with quality) for those,  while almost no specific set has been created for British and French (Except the Roger’s Rangers sets) and you need to look into American Revolutionary kits (fought between 1775 and 1783) or Jacobite Rebellions (1745) ones to try to cover these subjects.

Other participants as Spanish, Portugal, Sweden or Russia itself haven’t any single kit.

You can learn more about this deep conflict at WikiPedia.