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We are boosting our poor Sci-Fi section and only way is looking into our Japanese mates kits, they have by far the largest range of Sci-Fi related kits in 1/72 scales (as well as other scales) from the many successful Anime Series, Games series and more.

Our first addition has been the popular Zoids franchise, in the shape of the latest HMM kits released by Kotobukiya (in collaboration and licensed by Tomy-Takara)

There has been more past releases in 1/72 scale for this franchise, but we are getting in too late into this to recover all the past eras.

On a time, during the 80’s, Zoids were released worldwide, but nowadays, they are products mostly intended to Japanese market. This mean they are import items, when imported, or only available purchasing to Japan directly. All of this drive into expensive items, and expensive shipping costs.

Also it worth to mention that some of the models are really really big 1/72 beasts, beating often the 30cm measures and also going further than 400 parts. Most of them are Snap fit parts, but not all.

In total more than 80 references have been added to this list, including some of the still to come kits late this year. If you ever took a look to this kind of kits, they worth a try. Just prepare your wallet !

Stay tuned as more Sci-fi items are to come.

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