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Special contribution.

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We want to say a big thanks to Mr. Sebastiaan Fluitsma from Holand, who kindly attended our demand of help with ESCI 500 series, and also provided us a very valuable information about the Zvezda play sets.


As results of his help, we have added images to all the ESCI 500 series, and this historic part of the 1/72 scale is now complete.



But not only this, also we added 8 new Zvezda play sets (Age of Battles series) and some of them are truly treasures chest. Unfortunately all are discatalogued and are some hard to find nowadays. The new additions are as follow:

Zvezda – 8239 – Shogun: Takeda Kawanakajima 1553-1564
Zvezda – 8223 – Battles of Alexander the Great
Zvezda – 8214 – Rome: The Great Battles
Zvezda – 8206 – Siege of Ancient Fortress
Zvezda – 8205 – Alexander the Great: The Battle of Issa
Zvezda – 8203 – Battle of Marathon
Zvezda – 8115 – Hannibal
Zvezda – 8225 – Leipzig 1813 (Battle of Nations)

We think this part is now also complete. Zvezda announced some other kits that years, but they were never released, as two related to Waterloo 1815 or Dresden 1813.

So many thanks again to Sebastiaan who took his time to scan the old catalogues and give us the information.

By the way, we still have some big gaps in our listings… some of them are known and conscious (like ESCI 1/72 military vehicles) but some other not… so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to help to complete the listing, providing box images or other useful info.

Best regards.

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