Added: August 4, 2015

Red Box Massive Update.

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Red Box strikes again the XVI / XVII centuries, as well as continues their War of The Roses range, releasing 8 new sets as follows:


Red Box – 72077 – Jinetes. 16th century. Set 2
Red Box – 72075 – Stradioti. 16th century. Set 2
Red Box – 72076 – Jinetes. 16th century. Set 1
Red Box – 72074 – Stradioti. 16th century. Set 1
Red Box – 72073 – Battlefield Accessory Set 16-17 century
Red Box – 72072 – Russian Artillery 17th century
Red Box – 72071 – Russian Artillery 16th century
Red Box – 72055 – War of the Roses 10. Irish Mounted Troops


While we like all this updates, we must say that horses don’t look really good, specially in Jinetes and Stradiots sets.

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