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On the past days we added several new kits to our listings.
Starting with the well known MPC Space 1999 range in “1/72” scale. The reason to add these old kits is that a new tooled one, and true 1/72 scale is coming soon, the MPC913 – Space 1999 Eagle Transporter will bring to life again this classic Sci-Fi topic and one of the brand best sellers for ages. We haven’t confirmation about when it will be released.
Also on the Sci-Fi side, another classic by AMT, AMT – AMT1084 – Star Trek DS9 Rio Grande Runabout , have been added. Remember that all these USA brands are now under the same corporation, AMT, MPC and ERTL between others, are part of Round2Corp.

On the Space side, but no Sci-Fi, we have added the big sized models by Amodel, an aircraft manufacturer who also did several topics based on the Soviet Buran space shuttle. The kits are massive in both terms of size and price. Amodels do kits on the short run technology, so these kits are not recommend for beginners either poor people. Also common on these big kits by Amodel, are some fiberglass parts, the best place to take a look to sprues and these parts, is probably Hobby Terra, for example here.

Also added a couple of coming kits by ACE and Attack, and a nice Bronco Models in 1/72 scale, Chinese Dong Feng-1 a copy of the German A4/V2 rocket. And since we was revisiting the V2 topic, we also added the well known Condor model for the subject.
The last one, we added another Haunebu model, released shortly by Hand & Head and Wave, which is exactly the same model later released by Revell. Price differences of these “original” kits against Revell one, are scaring, so unless you are a collector, we recommend to buy the Revell one, or better the Squadron Models one, which is a different model.

And that’s all for today.

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