Past week updates and sad news.

During past days we did another boost on the Aircraft related sections , and the following brands have been added:

Eduard (We also take the occasion to add a couple of figure sets and vehicles by the brand)
ModelCollect  (And its big planes, like their B-52 line)
Meng and their only 4 nice kits in 1/72 scale.
And we are very close to finish with Modelsvit and A&A Models aircraft lines.

Out of the bulk additions we are doing for the aircraft lines, we got 4 new things by Revell (which are not exactly new things):

Revell – 03879 – F-104 G Starfighter RNAF/BAF (Another F-104G , so just new decals)
Revell – 03877 – EC 145 “Builders’ Choice”
Revell – 03310 – SS-100 Gigant + Transporter + V2 (Special Armour things)
Revell – 03286 – Flakpanzer III “Ostwind” (3,7 cm Flak 43) (MACO model)
Revell – 03876 – MH-47E Chinook

SModel bring us 3 new models and 4th ones is coming.

S-Model – 720022 – M22 Locust Airborne Tank
S-Model – 720141 – UE Chenilette AMX Casemate (AMC31 MG)
S-Model – 720196 – Type 97 Light Armored Car (Chinese Army)

One addition by PSC Plastic Soldier – WW2V20034 – Allied Sherman M4A2 Tank , we are concerned since their website is not listing products several days ago..

AccsGB, 5 new kits which are only 1 new kit.. we hate these things. AccsGB – 72501-72502-72503-72504-72505 – Humber Scout Car

And now the bad/sad new, specially for us. Ebay is the main affiliate partner we use to monetize this site, by monetize i mean it pays the hosting and sometimes it pays a couple of beers. We started this site as part of our hobby, by pleasure, is not a business, but thanks to the Ebay partner program, it had no cost. Almost since the first day it paid the hosting costs, and the beers we need while updating the listings. This week Ebay introduced some changes announced some months ago, basically, it changes the way our earnings/commissions are calculated, and the way the sales on Ebay are attributed to us. To don’t bore you with details, just to say that initial estimations is that this site will produce 10 times less money now.
We could live without the extra beers, but that means it will not pay the hosting costs by far. That, together with the time we need to keep this updated, means that probably site will be closed by the end of the year.
We’ll keep updating site till the last day, till the day we take the decision to close it. Next month will be decisive, to evaluate the real impact of Ebay changes and take a decision.
we’ll keep you posted about how things go for us and what decision we take.


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