November 2020, 1/72 Scale News.

1/72 Scale vehicles.


ACE bring us a new small kit, in the form of ACE – 72569 – 3 inch MK I OSB Gun (Smith Gun)

MAC Distribution announced past month a new kit, we hope it will be available during this month and so we added to our lists MAC Distribution – 72140 – German Light Truck M 206

Hobby Boss finally unveils Hobby Boss – 82934 – Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSyms 80&Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E Sd.Kfz.181 Tiger I firstly announced in 2019 just with the platform, finally includes a Tiger I (Of unconfirmed origin yet), it should be available for the Christmas season.


First to Fight, unveils the new issue for this month, a French R-35 tank in Polish service. First to Fight – 78 – Light Tank R-35. Some sellers are already accepting preorders. Model is supposed to be available mid November.


It has been quite a lot we didn’t revisit the chinese manufacturer ModelCollect, and so we did today and we have added 18 new references to the brand listing. They are mostly future kits, a couple of them are available as pre-order in their store, and only fully released seems to be ModelCollect – UA72083 – USA M983A2 HEMTT Tractor & M870A1 Semi-trailer. Some of them maybe never will be released, as their famous Flakturm, which has been around at least 2-3 years but never released.

But the most surprising has seen that the move to discontinued almost all the 1/72 kits previously listed here. Seems the Chinese brand is not having a good time. All their kits will begin to be hard to find, so if you ever wanted to have one, is the right time to purchase, before they are totally gone.


Intended only for internal Japanese market, Aoshima is releasing soon a variant of their Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier, this time Type A, Aoshima – 21 – JGSDF Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier Type A


There are some fresh news around 3R Model / Transform and their coming pick-ups for the middle east scene. In the meanwhile we have completed their current catalogue adding 3R Model – TK 7002 – PLA ZTZ96B MBT and by Border Model Border Model – TK 7003 – Leopard 2 A5/A6 which will be available soon.


The latest announce from Vespid Models, has a bitter taste. Reusing their previous Maus kit, they are releasing a FlakPanzer Maus paper tank. It contains PE parts and metal barrels, but keep being a paper tank.

1/72 Scale Ships.


Takom announced 2 days ago a second battleship turret, this time it’s Takom – 5012 – “Bruno” German Battleship Bismarck Turret B and we love it.


A bit of deception today when we have found that the “new” Garbuz cossack ship, is in truth an older ART Model kit, 1/100 scale, ART Model – Chaika Cossacks’ boat (Seagull) (1/100 Scale) ART model was intended only for internal market and had not great distribution. So Garbuz version is welcome anyway.

1/72 Scale Aircraft


Bat Project unveils the box arts for their next 4 kits, all of them Boeing 307 variants, including its militar aspect as C-75. Hopefully they will be available before the end of the year, the brand has been working on this project all the year long.
Bat Project – 72014 – Stratoliner BOEING C-75
Bat Project – 72013 – Stratoliner BOEING SA-307B/B-1
Bat Project – 72012 – Stratoliner BOEING S-307
Bat Project – 72011 – Stratoliner BOING S-307/SB-307B

Clear Prop models announces a new La-5 variant (late) but in the meanwhile we just added two kits that should start to populate stores earlier:
Clear Prop – 72010 – A5M4 Claude (ADVANCED KIT)
Clear Prop – 72013 – Ki-51 Sonia in foreign service (Starter Kit)

Latest Zvezda kit is close to hit stores. Zvezda – 7323 – JU-87B-2/U4 “Stuka” with skis an interesting Ju-87 variant with skis instead of wheels, ready for the east front winter war.


The two new releases by Eduard for this month, are here:
Eduard – 7455 – MiG-21PF (Weekend Edition)
Eduard – 2132 – ADLERTAG (Limited edition, luxury pack with everything you can need and 12 different markings)


In between this month Italeri 1/72 Aircraft releases, we can find Italeri – 1446 – P-38J Lightning , and old friend back to life again.


Azur/Frrom continues their B-10 exploration with the new FRROM – FR044 – B-10B in US Service


With pleasure we add today Stransky Kits to our listings, a small Czech Republic brand managed by Stepan Stransky, who is releasing shortly two kits in 1/72 scale, the first one for the brand in this scale, both of them for the light utility helicopter Robinson R44, Stransky – 7202 – Robinson R-44 Astro/Raven and Stransky – 7201 – Robinson R-44 Astro/Raven , and yeah, no name differences for this two kits. Just different decals.


Amodel bring two new models these days, by one side a new big (U.S. Guided) bomb, Amodel – NA72013 – ASM-A-1 Tarzon (VB-13) and a small Civilian Jet utility aircraft, Amodel – 72369 – Eclipse-400


Next two offers by Special Hobby, are now part of our family: Special Hobby – 72418 – SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M/AM/W and Special Hobby – 72439 – Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 .
Interesting to see a new SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 just one month after Kovozávody Prostějov offer it. This hobby is all or nothing, you know.
About the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4, suitable for the Battle of Britain period, it really looks great on sprue pictures and sum one more model to the large models available Messerschmitt Bf 109, which considering all the variants, it’s the most depicted Aircraft in 1/72 scale.


As week was going quite quiet, we took our time to full add Roden 1/72 Scale Aircraft to our listings, 62 new references where you mainly will find World War I planes, including those impressive big German bombers, common planes like Fokker , Albatross or Nieuport but also others not so common to find. Their Fairchild C-123 Provider range is a well reputed one also. Enjoy the add.


Dora Wings has a new luxury package with his new Dora Wings – DW72025 – Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter , and absolutely must have if you like this kind of planes.


Fine Molds has decided to keep exploiting their Phantom F-4EJ released this year with 2 new markings, commemoratives of the Phantom retirement of service in the JASDF after about 50 years. Fine Molds – 72938 – F-4EJ Kai 2020 Special Marking (Yellow) and Fine Molds – 72838 – F-4EJ Kai 2020 Special Marking (Blue) . Also this two kits presents a change in usual code numbers format by the brand (And because this they appear at the end of the brand section, instead of at the beginning). They are expected for next month, December 2020, in Japan. It should take some more weeks till they reach worldwide distributors.


Looks like Big Plane Kits finally solved their mold problems on the big Big Plane Kits – 7218 – 737-800 Qantas and it will be re-released in a stable way in a couple of weeks.


Today we added ART Model Hobby Kits to our growing family. 17 References mostly devoted to ground attack/anti tank soviet aircrafts and their variants, but with some other interesting model. Kits always include resin parts, special about exhausts and cockpit interiors. Eduard has PE detail kits for most of the range.


Time to day to report about a new brand in our listings, PM Model from Turkey. This manufacturer many times use other brands kits to re-decal them, such Italeri or Revell, but also has some original moulds where we want to highlight their Beechcraft Model 18 series and also you will find several German World War II paper planes.

Kits from PM Model are always just the kit and decals, without any extra. Their own kits are done on the short run technology.

Recently the brand has started to reissue all their line, as well as update box arts, and so we added the latest current catalogue. In total, they are 35 new references to our 1/72 scale Military Aircraft category.

A missed entry in our not long ago Sword range added, has been recovered today. Sword – 72123 – F3H-2N/M Demon

The latest eccentric but nice AMP kit here is in our listings now AMP – 72015 – PIAGGIO-PEGNA P.C.7


Just added SMĚR to our family. 64 new references, 4 of them into the helicopters section, and all the rest into the military aircraft section.
SMĚR (Smer) features basic kits, parts and decals, unless they are part of the HI-TECH line, which comes with some PE detail parts. They have issued several ex-Heller kits, some Eduard and also they acquired at some point rights from KP models or Kopro models (Mig-15 & 17 kits). Mostly they work common topics but we want to pay extra attention to their Siebel Si 204 kits and the french medium bombers such Amiot, Bloch or Potez. Kits can be some challenging but they are usually cheap.

1/72 Scale PlaySets


It’s always a pleasure when we can update this section, something that mostly only happens by Italeri or when we recover things from the past.

This month, Italeri release a well announced playset, Italeri – 6195 – Battle for the Reichstag 1945 (BATTLE SET) following the path started time ago, issuing a big MDF building, plus several well known past Italeri kits, such tanks and figures.

1/72 Sci & Anime kits


Kotobukiya is reproducing many Zoids kits in the next month, but also bring 2 new variants as Kotobukiya – EZ-034 – GENO BREAKER REPACKAGE Ver. already available and Kotobukiya – RZ-030 – GUN SNIPER W² expected for the early next year.

Hasegawa unveils a new Macross kit for the early next year, Hasegawa – 65782 – VF-1J SUPER/STRIKE Valkyrie SVF-41 Black Aces

As we was visiting Fine Molds today (to check information about their latest Phantom releases), we decided to add also their Porco Rosso line of kits, which basically are just 2 different aircrafts, Savoia S.21 and Curtiss R3C-0, but you can find up to 3 variants of the Savoia.


We recovered today one of that collectors pieces from the past (not so old time) as is the Revell (Monogram) Babylon 5 Starfury fighter. During its short life (in the late 90s) it was released 3 times with different code numbers. Was part of a more ambitious project around Babylon 5 but only two kits, and only one in 1/72 scale, were released at the end.

1/72 Scale Helicopters


At the time, when we added Aoshima models, we were not covering helicopters or aircraft yet, so the 3 Kawasaki OH-1 models the brand has produced, were never added. We have correct this now, and Aoshima is now listed in our Military Helicopters section.

1/72 Scale Figures


Although is unconfirmed when they will be exactly released or distributed, and how high/good will be that distribution, we added today T-Model – TK7312 – MIDDLE EAST MILITARY MAN SET a hard plastic multi-part figure set which contains 25 figures in 5 different poses and several different weapons, released under this generic name, but very appropriate for Afghanistan conflict. Is the first figure set by the brand T-Model.