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Nov. 18th Updates.

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Last days we have been adding another aircraft manufacturer for Czech Republic, AZ Model.

It’s probably the manufacturer with more Messerschmitt Bf 109 variants.

In the odd side, they also works in the short run technology side, which means that their kits are not beginners but experienced modellers.
Also they don’t have a widespread distribution, so their kits are quickly gone unless they re-release.
This time we have added back full brand catalogue (unless we missed something) but many of them are really hard to find nowadays. From a ~230 catalogue only around ~130 are available in their official store, and due small distribution, not many of the old kits are available on Ebay either. If you like some kit and it’s available, buy it before it’s gone for a long time.

Check their nice range here AZ Model, as well as check their official webshop if you can’t find it here cheaper.

There has been more updates as follow:

Plastic Soldier – WW2V20031 – German Steyr Heavy Car
Revell – 03311 – SLT 50-3 “Elefant” + Leopard 2A4
Hobby Boss – 82961 – German KARL-Geraet 040/041 on Railway Transport Carrier
Aoshima – JGSDF AAVC7A1 RAM/RS Amphibious assault

Ultima Ratio – UR013 – GLADIATORS
Alliance – 72046 – Centaurs
Alliance – 72048 – Nomads. Set 1
Alliance – 72049 – Nomads. Set 2
Alliance – 72051 – Steppes Warriors. Set 1

So it’s a good week for fantasy followers and in particular Lord of the Rings fans.

News about the awaited Strelets release before year’s end are coming, and some stores are listing them already. We are expecting almost around 20 new kits by the brand. Also a new one by First to Fight is almost here. We’ll update shortly.
Also pending by our side, some new Model Collect release, we’ll take care during this week.

Looking forward also for another major Aircraft update.

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