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New Rubicon Models batch.

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Rubicon models is doing well, very well.


A new batch of releases will hit stores soon, very soon, as distribution seems to be started or close to start. They bring us 6 new models, plenty full of options and variants, giving a plus to their models. Started not much ago, they already have a very interesting range, and the most important, a high quality range, offering great products for the 28mm World War II war-games market. Although obviously they don’t have the distribution capacity of Warlord Games, they are releasing new plastic kits in a high rate, and as far as people demand them, distribution will be increased.
When we blame about big corporations, acquiring small brands, such past Warlord purchases, or distribution agreement with Wargames Factory, it’s because this give to the brand the chance to force distributors, avoiding new brands to rise properly on the market. Hope this is not happening now, and Warlord will play fair his cards.


Taking again the scope of this post, here there are the new six models by Rubicon:

Rubicon Models – 280027 – M3 / M3A1 Half Track
Rubicon Models – 280026 – SdKfz 305 3-ton 4×2 Cargo Truck
Rubicon Models – 280025 – A15 Crusader
Rubicon Models – 280024 – M8 Scott / M5A1 Stuart
Rubicon Models – 280023 – M5A1 Stuart / M5A1 Recce
Rubicon Models – 280022 – German Stowage Kit 1


They are also carrying on a new range of decals, which can be brought separately of the models.
At the end of the month all these models should be already in the stores.

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