New batch of products added.

After a few weeks away, we are resuming now all the novelties on this time, and they are a well bunch. By now we have up to date our 1/72 Scale and 28mm Scale section, to follow next days with the 1/35 Scale.

Starting with 28mm Scale, Warlord Games continues re-structuring his range, this time affecting the French and British Line infantries for the Napoleonic Wars, a topic which have been boosted due the 200 Years anniversary of the famous Waterloo Battle. Both sets have been downsized, and now
contains only 24 infantry figures, 20 infantrymen and 4 command figures. We men this two references (They also received new reference codes):

Walord Games – WGN-FR-09 – WGN-FR-01 – Napoleonic War French Line Infantry
Warlord Games – WGNBR12 – WGNBRI02 – Napoleonic British Line Infantry (Waterloo campaign)

As we said, Napoleonic topics is being boosted, as prove the three next updates:

Warlord Games – WGN-FR-12- French Chasseurs a Cheval
Warlord Games – WGN-FR-14 – French Old Guard Grenadiers
Lt Dragoon box cover
Perry Miniatures – BH90 – Napoleonic British Light Dragoons 1808-1815

Perry set is just released as pre-order, so it will take some time to be available at stores.
Warlord updates, don’t ends here, they still have 5 more boxes to offer, from Ancient Macedonian to WWII Panzergrenadiers, with an excellent (but metal) Wars of Religion Infantry box in the middle.

Warlord Games – WGB-WM-511 – Blitzkreig Panzergrenadiers
Warlord Games – WGB-BA-03 – British Paratroop Section
Warlord Games – WGB-START-25 – German Grenadiers Starter Army

Warlord Games – WGP-18-WoR – Wars of Religion Infantry Regiment

Warlord Games – WGH-MC-03 – Macedonian Companion Cavalry

And that’s all by now in our 28mm Scale section.

Time now for the small scale, 1/72, where we added 11 new kits, and know some interesting news for the future. We will start with two kits we already mentioned in past news, they are from Orion, both for WWII period, and both are very interesting for our taste:
Orion – 72047 – German WW2 Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 2
Orion – 72048 – Soviet Assault Group. 1945
They have been officially released and soon will be available at usual retailers.

Keep an eye on the WWII period, we have a lot more. Zvezda bring us two nice kits, covering a topic which will be very welcome by air-plane lovers.
Zvezda – 6188 – German airforce ground crew
Zvezda – 6187 – Soviet airforce ground crew

But also a new Napoleonic kit:
Zvezda – 6815 – Russian infantry. Command group

Back to WWII by the hand of First to Fight, who keeps his constant rate and offers us two new boxes:
First to Fight – 26 – Light tank 7TP
First to Fight – 25 – Bofors 37 mm wz. 36 Polish AT Gun
The Polish army is growing fine, and now you have a well bunch of options to built an army and face the invasion.

For the end, 4 misc updates by 4 different brands:
UMMT – 661 – Christie Соmbat Саг Т1

Dragon – 7519 – M103A1 Heavy Tank

ACE – 72512 – Kfz.4 Truppenluftschutzkraftwagen – A.A. motor vehicle

Military Wheels – 7262 – Soviet aerosan “Sever-2″ (“North-2″)

Very different topics, but all, very interesting. We like the Christie, because their suspension was a revolution in his time, and was not very probable to see that kit as a scale model (at least 1/72 scale) so it’s a very welcome addition.

Now some other things, Italeri has repacked three Napoleonic kits with a 200 years Waterloo anniversary box layout:

Commemorative 200 years anniversary box.
Commemorative 200 years anniversary box.
Italeri – 6083 – Napoleonic British 95th Regiment
Italeri – 6065 – Napoleonic British and Prussian Allied General Staff
Italeri – 6041 – Napoleonic British Artillery
They have a lot more to repack, so probably we will see this again in following months. They also have repacked some 1/35 old kits within their World of Tanks agreement. The popular game is bringing back to hobby some people, so even if they are old kits, they are welcome.

In other order of things, Aoshima will launch two new kits which will include a well bunch of figures, something quite new in the brand. They will be JGSDF 3 1/2t Truck Armor Reinforced Type w/6pcs Figures and JGSDF Type 73 Truck 3t Half w/Figures 20pcs. As you can see in the pictures below they are hard-plastic “multipart” figures.



More things, a big new batch of Red Box Renaissance kits will appear very soon and Hät will launch some re-packs / re-stock of old sets. Other brands such Strelets also keep the rating.

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