Listings update…

Well, today, we did some interesting things…

By one side, NINE new models (forthcoming), have been added in the Model Collect range, as follow.

72040 – E-50 Medium Tank with 105 gun
72038 – T-72 B3/B3M Main battle tank 2 in 1
72016 – BMP3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Early Version
72026 – T-80BVD Main Battle Tank
72021 – T62 Main Battle Tank
72028 – T-80UD Main Battle Tank
72039 – WWII E-100 Heavy Tank with Henschell Turret
72043 – German Schwere Platformwagen Type SSMS80
72044 – Russian T-10M Heavy Tank

Panzer 46 and Cold War fans should be so happy with this brand.

By the other side, we split Linear-B as a brand by their own, not associated with Strelets. Although some sets, those one which was released first as Strelet are marked in both manufacturers. You can check the whole Linear-B range here, including their latest release, the Mithridatic Heavy infantry kit.

Valiant, has started a new line, presenting a plastic injected building, with several options, called French House / Shop. You can take a look here, it seems to be some expensive to our eyes, but everything must be said, also of a good quality.

Last one by now, a very interesting update in the Mirage Hobby listing, a KUBUŚ armoured car. Note that only one was built. This vehicle was in the 1/35 range by the brand, and now it’s also available in the 1/72 scale.

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