Last issue of the Hasegawa quest..

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And so.. we arrive to an end.

Today we have published 296 references from Hasegawa, belonging to all the Limited Editions, Accessories and more special releases from the latest years, and listed in the current catalogue of the brand.

Many of these references are only intended for Japanese market, with a very limited distribution outside.

So sadly, even if we do our best to find them in Ebay or Amazon, many of them are not available, and many of them, are also only available from far away places and at expensive prices and shipping costs.

It’s really hard list here all the 296 newly added references to the Hasegawa 1/72 Aircraft & Helicopters sections, so just take a look to them, and sure you will find something you like.

There are true decals jewels in between so many limited editions, and also many so specific for events or regiments that only will fit the very exigent modelers looking for those specific variants and not just the aircraft model.

The number of F-15, Phantom, T-4, F-2 and others that you can find in the listings are just incredible.

Enjoy the big new add.

We are breaking now for three weeks on holidays, in the middle of this pandemic time yet, we’ll try to rest in a quiet place out of mass and too much people, and we’ll back by the end of the month to recover all the missed things and keep going.

Hopefully you all are fine and we all together will enjoy many more years of modelling in 1/72 scale.

See you soon.

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