Fang of the Sun Dougram in 1/72 Scale. More Sci-Fi listings.


Fang of the Sun Dougram was a very successful Anime TV serie from the early 80’s which enjoyed of a well bunch of merchandise, made primary by Takara.

They worked a line of scale models, 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48 , as well as die-cast toys in several scales too.

From now ahead we are referring us always to the 1/72 scale unless other thing is specified.

Takara released 24 different references in the scale models line, some of the them of course, variations of previous models. The line is interesting because they not only released the Meccha themselves but a bunch of auxiliar vehicles which is a nice addition. Their kits also always included a number of figures, in hard plastic as the kits, depicting characters from the serie or auxiliar figures.

The first Dougram

The kits were re-released by Takara at least two times, and some of them more times, those included in the special Kunio Ogawara Box Art Collection for example. We only have listed kits once, keeping the list without code numbers reference, since they are very rare and hard to find in any of their original appearances (Although Kunio Ogawara and Chromed plates special releases are still even harder to find).

Most of the line was also released by Revell USA, under the confusing title of Robotech Defenders which also had legal consequences. We are not listing in this site the Revell line.

In more recent times, Max Factory, is re-tooling a very nice 1/72 range of models for the serie, following the path of the original line, but also bringing some model that originally was only released in 1/48 scale to the 1/72 line, as is the Bromley JRS Native Dancer .

Max Factory, awesome looking kits

Max Factory models has all the benefits of new technologies, but certainly they have keep the original aspect of the models, honoring the TV series.

A small number of the 1/72 scale models were also released by Doyusha, and although we don’t list those here either, you can have interest of them, specially a very interesting 30th anniversary package including ten of the original 1/72 scale models under Doyusha brand.

Summarizing below, a table including all the releases by the 4 brands, note that while Doyusha and Revell used same Takara kits, Max Factory are totally new tooled kits.

TakaraDoyushaRevellMax Factory
DougramCombat Armor DougramCombat Armor Dougram
Soltic H8 Round FacerCombat Armor Soltic*Armored Combat TeamSoltic H8 Roundfacer
Abitate F44A CrabgunnerDromedinAbitate F44A Crab Gunner
*Future Release
Bromry-LTR63 GB
Duey Culailles MP-2*Strike Force
Eastland WE-211 Mavellic*Airborne AttackersEastland WE211 Mavellic
Abitate F44D Desert GunnerSand Stalker
Abitate T-10C Blockhead X-NebulaAbitate T10C Block Head X-Nebula
Abitate F44B Tequila Gunner
Bromry A.R.M.C Instead*Assault Squad
Soltic H-102 BushmanCombat Armor Bushman*Airborne AttackersSoltic H102 Bushman
Bromry-Eyevan DT-2Robot Recovery UnitBromry I-VAN DT2
Hasty F4X IronfootCombat Armor Ironfoot*Strike ForceIronFoot F4X Hasty
Bromry & Willys – Combat-Vehicle Set*Armored Combat Team
Dougram Jakt TypeDougram ‘Yakuto’ – Mechanic Designer Okawara Kunio Exhibit Ver. (JAKT DOUGRAM)
Soltic H8-RF Korchima Spl.Soltic H8-RF Korchima Special
*Soltic H8-RF Korchima Special (4 Model Set)
Soltic HT-128 BigfootZiyonSoltic HT128 Big Foot
Abitate F35C Blizzard Gunner*Assault SquadAbitate F35C Blizzard Gunner
Nicholiev AG-9 CabarovCabarov AG9 Nicholaiev
Soltic H404S MackerelAqualoSoltic H404S Mackerel
Dougram S-A TypeDougram: Anti-Aircraft Reinforced Pack Mounted Type
Soltic H8.RF Hang Glider
Abitate T-10B BlockheadAbitate T10B Blockhead
Dougram Jakt type Hang Glider
Soltic H8 Roundfacer Light Type Convertible Kit
Combat Armor Dougram Advanced Kit
Soltic H8 Roundfacer Reinforced Pack Mounted Type
Ironfoot F4XD Hasty XD
*Takara released this one in 1/48Bromley JRS Native Dancer Commander Type & Missile Pod Type
Abitate T10B Blockhead: Pack Mounted Type
Soltic H102 Bushman Reinforced Pack Mounted Type
*Future Release

So at this point, Max Factory already released all the original main mechas but a couple of gunners, including some extra variants and the Native Dancer, done before in 1/48 scale but not in 1/72. Only left from the original list, Max Factory haven’t released several of the auxiliary kits, Tequila & Desert gunner, and the glider variants for H8 and Dougram.

Interesting how Revell packed together two or more of the original Takara kits, what makes that boxes in very valuables. Note that Revell also reissued several of the 1/48 kits.

We don’t have plans at this moment to list in this site Doyusha either Revell 1/72 Takara reissues, you’ll need to search them by yourself.

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