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ESCI Combination Boxes added for Collectors and Nostalgic.

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Well as promised past week, we have been adding the ESCI 8600 series, combination boxes of a scale model and a figures set. They are quite old boxes, late 80’s, and they are hard to find nowadays, and depending on the conservation state, and who sold them, they can be quite expensive. Most of the list we added, isn’t available right now in Ebay, but some of them are. Also added here two references from 9000 series, a combination of a helicopter and a figure set.
The full list added is as follows:

ESCI – 9046 – UH1 First ACAV with soldiers
ESCI – 9076 – MI-24 HIND with Russian Spetsnaz

ESCI – 8627 – M113 and Nato Troops
ESCI – 8626 – T34-76 with Soviet Assault Troops
ESCI – 8625 – MK IV Churchill with Commandos
ESCI – 8624 – Sd.Kfz II Tractor with German Paratroopers
ESCI – 8623 – Raketen Werfer with German Paratroopers
ESCI – 8622 – Sd.Kfz 251/1 with German Paratroopers
ESCI – 8621 – Elephant with German Troops
ESCI – 8620 – MK III Tank with Desert Rats
ESCI – 8619 – Bishop with British Soldiers
ESCI – 8618 – Leopard with Nato Soldiers
ESCI – 8617 – Hanomag with German Infantry
ESCI – 8616 – T62 and WA.PAC. Soldiers
ESCI – 8615 – T62 with Russian Spetsnaz
ESCI – 8614 – Tractor and 25 PDR gun.
ESCI – 8613 – M3-A1 Armoured Truck with WW II Russian Infantry
ESCI – 8612 – Opel Flak 38 with WW II German Infantry
ESCI – 8611 – Opel Blitz Truck with WW II German Afrika Korps
ESCI – 8610 – GMC M6 Truck with WW II U.S. Infantry
ESCI – 8609 – 3/4 Ton. Truck with WW II U.S. Paratroopers
ESCI – 8608 – Tank M-48-A3 with Modern U.S. Special Forces
ESCI – 8607 – M-60 A3 with U.S. Modern Soldiers
ESCI – 8606 – Panzer IV with German Afrika Corps
ESCI – 8605 – M12 King Kong with U.S. Soldiers
ESCI – 8604 – M4 A3 Sherman with U.S. Paratroopers
ESCI – 8603 – Panther Tank with Panzergranadiers
ESCI – 8602 – M1A1 Abrams with U.S. Infantry
ESCI – 8601 – M113 ACAV with U.S Special Forces

In its day they was a nice way to get two box for one and a half price, although mixes not always make too much sense and are some unbalanced between some topics and other.
I remember to own 3 of this boxes in my childhood, 8602, 8615 and 8625, but they are gone long ago.

Hope you like this kind of updates, we always try to fill gaps in our listing for past things, but it’s very hard to find proper listings of the old things as well as some decent boxes’ images. In some case it’s almost impossible.

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