Added: August 18, 2015

Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War) Plastic Miniatures added to listings.

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Today we added all the Battlefront Miniatures (Flames of War) plastic miniatures to our 15mm listings, respectively in two new categories under vehicles and figures sections.
Flames of War is probably the most popular World War II game in 15mm. They also host game rules (and miniatures) for Vietnam, The Great War (WWI) and the Arab – Israeli war.


Although his huge range is mainly done of metal (and some resin) miniatures, Battlefront has developed a well bunch of plastic miniatures, and was a shame for us don’t list them in this site, while we was listing other manufacturers such Plastic Soldier Company. This have been fixed today, and 24 new kits have been added under the 15mm scale section (we missed one helicopter kit for Vietnam Range, as well as some accessories kits, bases and so.)

Battlefront 15mm Plastic Figures.
Battlefront 15mm Plastic Vehicles.

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