August News.

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bx8303a Hi Folks, slowly resuming updates on the database.

After a long time without any update, first we have added the last Hät batch in the 1/72 figures category, another great boost to the Peninsular War within the Napoleonic Wars. This, together with the also quite recent Heller update, brings this conflict to the position it deserves.

Joining the Hät’s batch also 4 bicyclist sets was released, 2 for the First World War and another 2 for the Second World War. They are:

8276 – WWI German Jäger Bicyclists
8275 – WWI Belgian Carabinier Bicyclists

8278 – WW2 Japanese Bicycle Infantry
8277 – WW2 German Bicycle Infantry

Soon, more to follow.

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