August 2020, Updates.

New month, new updates.

We have separated in their own news the big Hasegawa Aircraft coming already happening while we write this.

In the regular updates series, we stop as first thing to mention this month in Italeri, who has reissued an ex-Toxso model: Italeri – 7082 – 15 cm Field Howitzer / 10,5 cm Field Gun

There is nothing wrong about this, Toxso always had distributions problems, so it’s great that Italeri is producing and distributing now this kit. The question is what they the mean by “100% new moulds” in the box, are not the Toxso moulds ? are just new for Italeri ?? .. well.. you know. Marketing.

We also want to mention a change in the site structure. The manufacturers listings has changed the order, to honor the code numbers. But it not always mean that the last released kit is listed on top, just that is listed in their order by code.

The main categories pages, like Military Aircraft, keep listed by the order we added the kits to them, which usually is the release order too.

1/72 Scale Vehicles:

Italeri – 7082 – 15 cm Field Howitzer / 10,5 cm Field Gun

Just recovered 2 missed entries in our Hasegawa vehicles line.

Hasegawa – 30041 – 60cm/54cm MÖRSER KARL 040/041 “1st Battery Adam/Baldul” w/MUNITIONSPANZER IV

A&A Models has a new release that shouldn’t take long to appear:
A&A Models – 7218 – S-125 “Neva-SC” (SA-3″Goa”) missile on MAZ-543 chassis

Hobby Boss has a new URAL-4320 Truck, Hobby Boss – 82930 – Russian URAL-4320 Truck

Aoshima keeps its pursuing of the contemporary JGSDF with its latest kit, Aoshima – SP – JGSDF Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier Type B (Rapid Deployment Regiment)

For September this year, Dragon bring us a new variant of the Pz.IV , this time an early production Ausf. J version. Dragon – 7409 – Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J (Early Production)

Hasegawa is releasing soon a new variant of the Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 fire fighter truck in 1/72 scale, and so we added it to our listings, Hasegawa – SP468 – Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 Airport Chemical Fire Engine . In addition, as we missed it past year, we just added also another variant Hasegawa – 52235 (SP435) – ROSENBAUER PANTHER 6×6 AIRPORT CRASH TENDER “J.M.S.D.F.” already released by the brand during 2019.

It’s always a very good news when we add a new manufacturer, and such case happen today as we just added Garbuz Models to our listings. They only have on release by now, a MAZ-200 truck, Garbuz Models – 72-01 – MAZ-200. MAZ-200 was the first diesel truck produced in the Soviet Union in 1947, and lasted in production, with modifications, till 1965.

Two more additions by Aoshima, Aoshima – 21 – JGSDF AAVP7A1 RAM/RS Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade and Aoshima – 20 – JGSDF Type 03 Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile

Revell has re-issued again and ex-Matchbox kit, already released by Revell, with a new code number, Revell – 03317 – A-34 Comet Mk.1 (1/76 Scale)

Special Armour (The Special Hobby brand for vehicles) has acquired part or all of the plastic molds by MK72 , and has announced that the Marder II model will be their first release under the new owner.

These are great news, since MK72 have been long ago very hard to find, and now they will have a new distribution. Don’t forget they are excellent quality kits.

1/72 Scale Figures:

New Zvezda mini box. A very nice Zvezda – 6268 – German 120-mm mortar with crew.

A large batch of Strelets new figure sets has been reported in its own entry here.

Before finish the month, we have to report a couple of new sets by Linear-A, who seems to be ready to distribute their first two mini-sets, Linear-A – 003S – LEGIONARY RECRUITS TRAINING and Linear-A – 002S – SACRIFICE BEFORE THE BATTLE both of them with the same format, 4 different figures and a small accessory.

We are not special fans fo this “mini” formats as Zvezda did long ago, in our opinion Linear A could have keep these as resin packs, or add them into larger coming sets in the future.

In the meanwhile their first set for the Roman from the “Varus give me back my legions I A.D.” series seems to be advancing fine and would be part of their next batch of “big” boxes.

1/72 Scale Military Aircraft:

We have recovered a missed Zvezda entry, Zvezda – 7298 – Su-34 (Russian Aerospace Forces Multifunctional Fighter-Bomber).

Special Hobby has a new SB2A-4 Buccaneer variant, including hypothetical markings for a Dutch East Indians plane.
Special Hobby – 72303 – SB2A-4 Buccaneer “US Marines Bomber”

Eduard brings a L-29 Delfin trainer jet variant:
Eduard – 7096 – L-29 Delfin

Kovozávody Prostějov bring us several new variants from already released kits a well as couple of new things. Some of the kits are still not distributed, while others are available and waiting for brave builders.

More Lavochkin La-5 variants in the 1/72 Scale:
Kovozávody – KPM0175 – La-5F “Aces” 
Kovozávody – KPM0174 – La-5F “Early” 

A new Letov Š-20, Kovozávody – KPM0195 – Letov Š-20 

Two more Dewoitine D.510:
Kovozávody – KPM0180 – Dewoitine D.510 International 
Kovozávody – KPM0186 – Dewoitine D.510 Japan

Ad for the end, something new in the Kovozávody Aircrafts range, 2 Variants for the Su-22, a plane not so extended in our scale as it should be:
Kovozávody – KPM0197 – Su-22M4 International 
Kovozávody – KPM0196 – Su-22M4 Warsaw Pact 

Also new in Kovozávody range, is the launch of two helicopters, both variants of the powerful Mi-24:
Kovozávody – KPM0199 – Mi-24 Warsaw Pact 
Kovozávody – KPM0198 – Mi-24 International

And just while we wrote the above, Kovozávody announced 4 variants for the Sopwith Triplane.

Also AZModel has a new Curtiss P-36 Hawk Variant.
AZmodel – AZ7655 – Curtiss Hawk H-75A-4 “Nordic Hunter”

Just added two more Airfix entries, first a DogFight combo box, Airfix – A50185 – Mig 17 & Douglas Skyhawk Dogfight Double.
And second one, the back of Airfix – A03073A – BAE Hawk 100 Series

Revell has re-packaged a Meteor Me262 and a P-51B Mustang in a Combat dual box box Revell – 03711 – Combat Set Messerschmitt Me262 & P-51B Mustang

Just added a new Hasegawa re-release Hasegawa – 00873 – F-104J/F-104DJ Starfighter ‘J.A.S.D.F.’

Special Hobby bring back 2 kits which have been out of stock for a long time.
MPM Production – 72563 – Gloster Meteor Mk.III
Special Hobby – 72136 – Ju 87A Stuka “Anton in Luftwaffe service”

More from Special Hobby coming this month:
Special Hobby – 72429 – Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I “WWII Service”
Special Hobby – 72421 – SAAB B-5 “Swedish Dive Bomber”
Special Hobby – 72422 – Vega 5 “Lady Lindy”

And one new announced by FRROM, an Special Hobby associated brand:
Frrom – FR043 – B-10 Export WC/WAN

1/72 Scale Civilian Aircraft

Hobby Boss has a new variant of the Zlín Z 42 which is now a quite popular subject. Hobby Boss – 80299 – ZLIN Z-42M

Big Plane Kits has a new variant for their nice Bombardier CRJ-700, which is not exactly a new kit, but a re-release of their 7214 code with new decals. Big Plane Kits – 7215 – Bombardier CRJ-700

1/72 Scale Ships

Takom has an amazing new forthcoming kit, depicting one of the main turrets from the Yamato Battleship.

It’s a very big kit, up to 50cm including the barrel length, and includes a deck section as display base.

It would be great if Takom do the same for some of the U.S. Navy counterparts, and would be a great time for some sailors too.

Takom – 5010 – Japanese Battleship Yamato Type 94 46cm Gun Main Turret No.1

1/72 Sci-Fi

With the month almost ending, we have added 3 new items to our Sci-Fi/Anime listings.

First, two future releases by Max Factory, two new models in their Fang of the Sun Dougram series, Max Factory – Combat Armors: MAX 21 – Abitate F44B Tequila Gunner (Expected by the end of the year) and Max Factory – Combat Armors: MAX 22 – Combat Armor Dougram Abitate ver. (Expected early next year)

They both can be available as pre-order in some stores already.

Don’t forget also the Max Factory – Combat Armors: MAX 20 – Soltic H102 Bushman Reinforced Pack Mounted Type  is very close to be released.

Last, a new special edition by Hasegawa in their Captain Harlock series, Hasegawa – 64785 – Space Wolf SW-190 “War against Mazone” w/Yuki Kei figure which includes a resin 1/20 figure of Yuki, as well as new decals.