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August 2019 site update.

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For more than a year site was unattended and without updates. List again all the novelties happen during this time have been a hard job, mostly because most of the brands have very bad websites, poor information, re-issues, re-boxes, minor updates, changing code numbers.

During past days we added back 334 new kits, mostly releases happened during this time, but also some oldie as we usually try to keep on listings, for the nostalgic or avid collectors as we are.

Check that updates list, confirm the trend of the past years, historical European brands are no longer able or interest into produce new vehicles or plastic soldiers in 1/72 scale. About plastic soldiers production it’s totally on East Europe or China, except for Waterloo 1815 brand. And about vehicles, Revell has been the only major brand doing some new release all this time for the above categories. The Russian giant Zvezda, isn’t also longer interested on this, just producing few new scale models and no new figures over this time. The most occidental country producing 1/72 scale vehicles in a good rate, is Poland.

Another growing trend, and we can expect more of it, are the 3D printed things, some of them directly printed, some of them used to master and then cast in resin or metal. Many people is producing its own “after market” update parts for kits, new full kits, miniature soldiers and so on, and you can expect more of this coming, which is not bad at all, just new things.

Well, saying this, i say nothing, i’ll keep updating. If you want to contribute with quality box pictures wherever you see we have a bad box picture, specially on old kits, they are very welcome. also if you want to communicate novelties you discover, any enquiry, you always can reach us at [email protected]

A last question for you, do you want to see aircraft covered here ?

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