Aircraft Madness Continues..

Past days we just added four new manufactures to our “new” aircraft listings. They are:

Special Hobby

And its sister’s brands:

MPM Production

All these brands share the taste for detail and unusual planes. You can find some well known planes in their listings, but also you will find tons of “minor” aircrafts, unusual markings and plenty full of detail boxes, which commonly includes PE & Resin detail parts (Except simple set line by Special Hobby).

Note that we just added current listings as appear at, but not past models. We just will add them if they are re-issued.

We still will add some more detail to Frrom’s listing, adding pictures of decals, markings and sprues where available.

And the madness will keep going on next weeks.. we reached out the one thousand models added to the Aircraft & Helicopters categories.. but our estimation is than around 15.000 models are currently on manufacturers listings around world.. so we still have a hard work ahead.

Don’t hesitate to let us know which brand do you want us to add first, dropping us some lines at [email protected] In the pipeline we are thinking next of Eduard, ModelCollect and Neng, one major and 2 minors aircraft makers in our scale, so we should be fine to complete them over the next week (But now we’ll spent couple of days taking care of vehicles and figures categories).
In the short future, Modelsvit, A & V Models , AModel and all the associated brands are in the scope, but they are major words.. as all together may surplus 500 references if not more.

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