Added: March 24, 2015

28mm Listings Update

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We have put to date our 28mm listings with 9 new sets mostly for WW2 by Warlord Games.

WGB-WM-507-StuG-III-Ausf-G-a_1024x1024Warlord Games
WGBFI03 – Senegalese Tirailleurs Infantry section
WGBFI02 – French Army Infantry section
WGBWM507 – Stug III ausf G or StuH-42
WGBSTART19 – Soviet T34/76 platoon
WGBRI501 – T34/76 medium tank
WGBSTART19 – German Tiger Zug

The Stug III is done in collaboration with Italeri, so soon it will appear in Italeri listings too, as just we did with the Tiger I Ausf E kit.

CART FRONT 2D Long time ago announced, Victrix is finally offering as pre-order the new Carthaginian kits:
VXA011 – Carthaginian Citizen Infantry
VXA010 – Carthaginian Warriors

The Carthaginian Warriors is an impressive box with 62 figures inside. WOW !

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