1/72 Scale Listings up to date. 30 new references added.

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Yesterday we did our homework and 1/72 scale listings are up to date.
Many of the sets added yesterday are still announces or forthcoming sets, although some of them are missed ones, already in the stores, or very close to be released.
From more to less kits updated the brands are as follows:

Red Box & Dark Alliance
We spotted in a past news some of the forthcoming sets by this brand (& associates) and now some of them are in their way to stores. Ottoman empire get a new boost with 2 new artillery kits (siege ones) and fantasy got some interesting novelties by Dark Alliance. 2 new zombie boxes, 2 Amazon boxes (in Greek costume) and a new Half-Orc issue.

Ottoman siege artillery preview
Ottoman siege artillery preview

Red Box – 72070 – Turkish Siege Artillery 16-17th century. Mortar
Red Box – 72069 – Turkish Siege Artillery 16th century. Gun
Dark Alliance – 72024 – Zombies Set 2
Dark Alliance – 72023 – Zombies Set 1
Dark Alliance – 72022 – Half-Orcs – Set 4
Dark Alliance – 72021 – Mounted Amazons
Dark alliance – 72020 – Amazons

Remember that still two Orion sets have to appear (see preview box tops below) and some more Red Box.



In second position by number of updates we have a draft between Model Collect and Italeri, but we give the won to Model Collect because one of the Italeri new kits is a re-release, while two other are diorama boxes with a lot of old products.
So lets go with Model Collect, they have a huge pending list of announced models, and now some more are added to this list.

Model Collect – 72055 – BMP3E Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Model Collect – 72050 – BMP3 with ERA Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Model Collect – 72005 – T-72 B2 “Rogatka” MBT
Model Collect – 72027 – T-80U Main Battle Tank

These models also bring us the opportunity to see the new box layout design by the brand, much more attractive than previous one. See an example below.


As we said, Italeri also bring us 4 “new” kits.
Italeri – 6173 – BERLIN HOUSE
Italeri – 6112 – BATTLE of BERLIN Diorama Set
Italeri – 6111 – WATERLOO (200years) BATTLE AT LA HAYE SAINTE
Italeri – 7523 – T34/76 m42 (FAST ASSEMBLY)

A part of the new T34/76 kit, all the rest are old stuff, except by a little detail. Inside of the Waterloo Box you will find an MDF laser cut model for “Le Haye” , an interesting “new” add on, and the first time (if we aren’t wrong) that MDF buildings are packed inside a major manufacturer scale models box. Both diorama boxes are a good opportunity to pick up a lot of products for a reasonable price. To see what they have inside take a look at product pages.

With 3 updates, all for XVII century we take a look on to Mars’ novelties.
Mars – 72082 – Pirates (Buccaneers) 1620 – 1660
Mars – 72083 – French Infantry and Guards (2nd Half of the XVII Century)
Mars – 72084 – Crimean Tatar Infantry XVII Century
While we like the topics and production rate of the brand, they still need to go a step up with their quality (sculpting and moulding).

With 2 new models we found Master Box Ltd and Mirage Hobby. As Mirage have a missed past ones we give advantage to Master Box.
Master Box – 72007 – British Armoured Car, Austin, MK III, WW I Era
Master Box – 72008 – British Armoured Car, Austin, MK IV, WW I Era
World War I fans will be very happy with these novelties, which still aren’t on stores.

Mirage Hobby – 72803 – M3A1 Medium Tank
Mirage Hobby – 726086 – U.S. Light Tank M5A1 (Mid.) ‘2nd Armd. Div. Normandy, July 1944′

We have some problems identifying 72803… it’s almost sure it was released, but now is out of production and we aren’t sure if it was pretty the same than some other M3 box by the brand.

With only one model updated we can found S-Model, UM, ACE, Armourfast, Flyhawk and First to Fight. S-Model seems to have started the year with a lower production rate… maybe they will surprise us with a huge update soon. First to Fight continues through the Polish campaign in 1939, offering us nice interesting models for the early stages of the WWII. The most impressive for us in this list, is the Flyhawk model. Not only a good model, but also a pretty awesome package, and this tell us, this brand do things in a carefully way.

ACE – 72168 – Tank hunter 2S14 Zhalo-S (Sting)
UM – 213 – 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7 “Priest”
S-Model – 720158 – BMD-1 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armourfast – 99032 – Sd.Kfz. 251/9 Stummel
Flyhawk – FH3006 – German Pz. Kpfw Ⅰ Ausf F (VK.18.01) Late
First to Fight – 24 – Kfz 14 German Armoured Car

To see what we mean by awesome package take a look at our friend’s site Henk of Holland.

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