1/35 Scale listings updated.

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As well as MiniArt listings, updated in the previous communication, all the other brands covered by us in this scale are now up to date.

3636-w1024-h1024Zvezda add an interesting support vehicle, “Terminator” , the name says everything about this lethal machine.

1425045792_35365_box_webICM, which usually update some models, only have a new item, product 35365 – T-34/76 (early 1943 production), WWII Soviet Medium Tank. This is so because the other two releases of the month were for the 1/24 scale, out of our scope. This model was released in February, but no news by now for March.

35146_5The most updated goes for Master Box, offering us 5 new products, between past month updates and three new ones in March. They are as follow:

35170 – Man Down! US Modern Army, Middle East, Present day
35146 – British Infantry, Somme Battle period, 1916
35180 – Modern UK Infantrymen, present day
35171 – German soldier-bicyclist, 1939-1942
35182 – Volkssturm. Ammunition to the Frontline

See complete listing for 1/35 scale here.

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