Revell Africa Corps 02513

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Revell Africa Corps 02513

Revell set is totally compatible with old Esci’s (also issued by Italeri and now issued by Revell) and with most old Airfix’s one. These three set also are compatible with the new Caesar’s one, but new sets releases by Italeri (DAK and Paratroops in tropical uniform) are 1 or 2 mm bigger. So if you are planing a DAK army, choose this 4 compatible sets and you will achieve a great pose range.
Revell sets has a lot of figures not very useful, like men carrying water and men drinking (also the one to seems be patrolling), but they comes with two great and complete (gunner + loader) MG42 machine guns, which is probably the most desiring from this set.

This set also have two poses, the men with a grenade and the ones knelling with sub machine gun , which can be easily used as crew for guns as the next two pictures show.

Sd Kfz 250/10 with Revell crew
Pak 40 with Revell crew

Sd Kfz 250/10 (Esci) Revell crew & Pak 40 (Revell/Matchbox 1/76) Revell crew

I like the sculpture from this set more than ESCI/Italeri ones, proportions seems to be more natural, although ESCI have some good poses to act as sergeants for Pak or MG. The Airfix set could provide a wide range of figures firing, in very good poses.

A good set, but maybe it has an excess of poses not very usable for wargaming, but nice as scenery.

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