Revell – 03147 – HMMWV “Hummer” – Dessert Storm Scheme.

Well, i’m not fan of modern stuff, well, i love to see any well done model, but not for myself, i usually build WWII vehicles and paint figures between WWII and medieval era. So this time is a new subject for me, and everything have a reason. My birthday was a few weeks ago, and two of my cousins, who knows my hobby, gifted to me this nice Revell box, with his best intention, so i was morally forced to built and paint this set as soon as possible and here is the result. 🙂

Models itself are well engineered, as usually Revell does, parts fits well and flash is almost non existent, also any ejector pin is present in visible parts. Both models have a lot common parts, as all the chassis and suspension and some others. I was in trouble fitting the ambulance’s doors, i always think it is my fault, but this was the only part that not fitted so well, at least for me.


I didn’t was in mood to try an European camouflage scheme, the typical three colors NATO scheme, so i tried to paint them for the “Dessert Storm” campaign. This was a problem, because the box only contains one set of “Desert Storm” decals, for the ambulance. In fact i didn’t found any evidence of the TOW carrier during the “Dessert Storm” in desert camouflage scheme, only some pictures of the 82nd airborne in European scheme. So i share the decals, the ambulance haven’t the distinctive marks for the operation, these were to the TOW, the ambulance have enough with the red crosses.


A problem with the glue (Tamiya) let my fingerprint in the ambulance for the rest of his days :), i always say i’m not a fine builder.


For this occasion i tried something new for me, to fix the pigment with “AK White Spirit” and the airbrush, it works quite well, i must say, so i also used intensively pigments in the bases.

About the colors i can’t say much, i avoid the usage of the brush as much as i can, so i used as base color the “The Army Painter” sand color primer, then i used pigments, AK wash, AK White spirit (to clean the wash excess), Vallejo Iraki sand (dry brushed) and not much more.

I’m quite happy with the final result, except for the fingerprint in the ambulance :).

These models go directly for the “For Sale” section, and in this case benefits goes directly to my cousins education, so be benevolent.
Price for both models are 30€ plus shipping.


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