MAC Distribution Horch 108 Sd.Kfz.70

MAC Distribution Horch 108 Sd.Kfz.70

Technical Details
1 + 7 Crew.
Horch V 108
32 litres / 100 km on road.
42 litres / 100 Km off road.
1 Flak 30 20mm.

There isn’t many information about this kind of vehicles, Horch 108 was used with Pak36, Flak30, and other special purposes. Horch was also a distinguished car manufacturer. Sure a great number of German Generals were using this vehicles.

Instead of this, the 20mm Flak 30 is a well know weapon from german arsenal.

MAC’s model depict one of the vehicles of the Hitler’s personal scort, although it can be used for better things in a wargame table. The model is well detailed, and instructions are clear. Some of the metallics parts are too thin.
The model can be mounted in several versions, as Flak30 can be on the trailer or in the vehicle platform as i did. This platform can be also mounted in two versions, closed for transport, or open, as i did, for fire stance. I just missed some crew.

I get it from second hand, without decals, so i have used some of the kubelwagen set.

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