Italeri 7509 M3A1 Half Track

Italeri 7509 M3A1 Half Track

It is my first “fast kit” and i’m very gladded with result. The kit is very easy to built, just 14 parts or so per model. Almost can be done without glue.
Detail is not bad, surfaces are well sculpted and a nice paint work can be done. There is no options about doors or others, and no crew neither decals (bad thing), but is a cheap set.

Maybe isn’t the most appropriate set for a diorama, but it is perfect for wargaming, the model is quite robust, without any fragile part, and in not much time allows you to have 2 vehicles. All the time you save in building, can be expended in paint and work.

The crew men, who changes significantly the model’s aspect, are two figures from Hasegawa American Infantry set (Hard plastic), and the driver is from the classic Italeri American Infantry.

One is dusted and the other muddy , with dry-brush technique, is just a paint effect, not texture. By this time, base paint was applied with a Tamiya’s spray, which have been proved to be a great product. It produces a very smooth surface.

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