Inbox Review – BUM – 2050 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Parade and Yukon uniforms.

Our second review is for the BUM – 2050 – Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Parade and Yukon uniforms.

This is the first box of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Box, you will find the following inside:

3 Figures (Two in parade uniform)
7 Dogs (six are for the gosled)
1 Dogsled
1 Resin Base

The first time in our hobby that these well know men have been depicted.


Figures haves sharp detail and are well cast, there aren’t mould lines, flash or plastic excess in any of them.


The dogsled with the full six dog team is a very beautiful feature of the box.


You get one extra dog, without carriage.


The resin base is maybe no the best we have seen in BUM range, it’s intended for display the dogsled, there are footprints for the dogs, so in order to uses it, you must cut of dogs of their bases, not a hard work with this kind of plastic.


To do a nice vignette with this base it will need some work and some complements.

Material used for the figures is quite soft, this would be and odd for some modelers, who prefer hard plastics, but this material took good glue and can be worked with knife in a very easy way.

The man driving the dogsled and the dogs itself can be found in other boxes of the series, but the rest of the box is exclusive.

Many Thanks to Francisco German (BUM) who has sent us this box for review.

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