Hasegawa Mörser Karl CREW

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Hasegawa Mortar Karl CREW

These hard plastic figures are from Hasegawa Mortar Karl sets, i got two sets for a while, but i re-sold them on Ebay (i have one “Karl” from “Hobby Boss” waiting on the wardrobe) but i remain the figures, as they have some good poses, not usual on plastic figures sets.
I have changed 10 heads, from an old italeri set, and some from a resin detail kit, and the result is quite good, except two strange poses, really bad modelled.
Although they are painted mainly with two Vallejo colours (German Field Grey / German Uniform ), different patterns of use, varying trousers, jackets, or all the figure in same colour, achieves a great result, with almost not two equals figures. The light of the colour also varying a lot depend on you wash with black or sepia.
These figures are a great complement for German army, ideal to be sergeants or officials, many of them wearing binoculars, or just to stand with vehicles.

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