Zvezda – 7270 – Russian heavy helicopter MI-26 “Halo”

Russian heavy helicopter MI-26 “Halo”

The helicopter Mi-26 is the heaviest and largest helicopter in service today. Planning started in the seventies and it was introduced by the Soviet Army 1981. The Mi-26 is the perfect transport vehicle for fast troop deployment and saw extensive use by Russian Air
Force during first and second Chechnya war. Total number produced 276 pcs. Mi-26’s are in service with some CIS states, Malaysia, India, Peru, Mexico and others for military use and China, South Korea, Greece, India and others for civilian purposes.


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Zvezda 7270 - Russian Heavy Helicopter MI-26 HALO - Plastic Model Kit Scale 1/72 Lenght 55 cm/ 21.5" 238 Details


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