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Italeri – 1329 – Wessex UH.5 / Sea Harrier FRS.1

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Wessex UH.5 / Sea Harrier FRS.1

The Sea Harrier, designed for the British
Royal Navy, is an evolution of the Harrier fighter-bomber conceived for the RAF
that came into service in the 1970s. The first aircraft with vertical
take-off/landing capability, it can operate even where there is little room for
manoeuvre and is thus ideal for close troop support. The Sea Harrier is also an
excellent dogfighter as seen during the Falklands conflict where this unusual
plane scored numerous victories against the Argentine air force. The
Wessex is a British evolution of the United States Helicopter H-34. It was
developed for the Royal Navy towards the late fifties to create a modern
anti-submarine aircraft. In the following years other transport and support
variants for the RAF and the Royal Marines were built. They were used in all
conflicts: Malaysia, Aden, the Falklands War and Northern Ireland.

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