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Italeri – 1322 – CR.32 ”Chirri”

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CR.32 ”Chirri”

Designed in the early part of the ’30s,
the Fiat CR 32 was powered by an V 12-cylinders, producing 600 hp. It was able
to reach, as maximum speed, 375 Km / h. Among the most famous biplanes of
aviation History the CR 32 was characterized by an extraordinary maneuverability. It was also strong, very reliable and well armed for the
historical period, with two 12.7 mm Breda-Safat machine gun located on the top
of engine and firing through the propeller disc. The Fiat CR 32 had its baptism
of fire with the Legionary Air Forces, during the Spanish Civil War, and soon
obtained the air superiority against the Soviet-made monoplane fighters, like
the Polikarpov I-16, that formed the Squadrons of Republican Aviation. Thanks
to the extraordinary mobility and the training of pilots, the Italian fighters
prevailed even on from more modern enemy airplanes such as the Soviet-made
Tupolev SB-2 bomber considered, thanks to its speed, impossible to be

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Italeri 1/72 scale aircraft kit 1/72 CR.32 "Chirri" - 1322 NOS

20.0 + USD

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From: US-Fort Collins,CO,USA

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