Italeri – 1146 – C-119C FLYING BOXCAR


Developed by Fairchild from the previous C-82 Packet, the C-119 was one of the most important transport planes of the Fifties. The C-119C model had two 28 cylinder Pratt&Whitney four row radial R-4360 engines and it was distinguished from later types partly by its single wheel front undercarriage and different tail design. Production of the C-119C was speeded up when the Korean War broke out and these planes were soon being used for most of its transport missions. At the end of the war, a large number of the planes were supplied to the French, who used them widely in Indochina. Another less well-known but equally important role they played was to transport material for the construction of the DEW line radar stations in the far north of the American continent. Many examples of the C-119C were subsequently updated to meet the standards of later models.


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