ICM – 72213 – Soviet Air-to-Ground Aircraft Armament

Soviet Air-to-Ground Aircraft Armament

There were missiles X-29T (NATO code AS-14 Kedge), X-31P (AS-17 Kripton), X-59M (AS-18 Kasoo), and KAB-500Kr guided bombs. In the present time they are part of the aircraft armament of Russian, UIC countries, and also India and China Air Forces.

– This set intends for Su-24 M, Su-27/Su-30 and MiG-29 aircraft families models.
– Details for the assembly of 4 X-29T, 4 X-31P, 4 X-59M missiles, 8 KAB-500Kr guided bombs, 4 B-13L and 4 B-8M1 rocket blocks and also APK-9-container and AKU-58-1 launchers are included.


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Soviet air-to-air aircraft armament 1/72 ICM 72213

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