UMMT – 662 – Armored car-carrier (DTR)

Armored car-carrier (DTR)

Armored car-carrier (DTR) was designed in the USSR in 1934 for the needs of Red Army. DTR was transferred to the units of armored trains, and was targeted for reconnaissance, and also for transportation by rail of wounded combatants and special freights. Armored car was built on the base of the chassis of the Kolomna motor car. The hull welded from 4-8 mm armor was fastened to the frame by bolts. In the center of a roof, the hexadecimal turret with a machine gun “Maxim” was installed. Besides, in each board of the hull were two installations of DT machine guns, and one DT was placed in the front and rear sheets. For boarding of crew and landing party there were 4 doors (two on each side), for observation on the move, in the right board the small hatch was made, in the left there were blinds. Armored car was equipped with radio station 71-TK-1 with the handle antenna, and the mechanism for passing to the parallel track. These fighting vehicles participated in World War II, both at the Soviet-German front and in the Far East, in fights with Japan. In total some tens cars were produced from 1935 to 1941.


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