UMMT – 652/003 – Oerlikon 20 mm /70 (0/79″) Mark 10 (USA)

Oerlikon 20 mm /70 (0/79″) Mark 10 (USA)

Deck installation Oerlikon 20 mm / 70 (0/79 “) Mark 10 was a further development of the installation Mark 4. Engineers and designers spent optimizing and simplifying the installation process. Besides setting has become less weigh. This unit was installed on all classes of warships, ships and U.S. Navy boats and supplies under the Lend-Lease allies.

In addition to use in ships, boats and boat fleets on all theatres of war were used hundreds of home-made air defence installations and industry, installed on various types of trucks, armored personnel carriers and even Jeeps “willys”


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