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Added: February 1, 2013

UMMT – 642 – Armored train platform

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UMMT642UMMT bring us this nice description.

Armored train platform

During initial period of the Second World War regular armored trains of Red Army quickly enough were put out of action by aircrafts , and tanks of the enemies . Therefore often for support of a withdrawal of armies or defense BEPO’s were created from improvised materials and available equipment. This platform with set on it GAZ-AA, with quadruple antiaircraft machine-gun plant, and 45 mm an anti-tank gun (1932), most likely, belongs to such BEPO. It was aimed for defense of air and tank attacks of the opponent. Unfortunately there are no historical data about a place of its participation in battles, and as a part of what BEPO it was. However, experts in the field of knowledge of rare military technique, made the assumption that it could participate in structure of the initiative BEPO in 1942 near Odessa, or Sevastopol though its participation on other difficult regions of fronts of that hard time for Red Army isn’t excluded. Certainly, weak defense didn’t give it chances of long existence, nevertheless such not typical samples of military railway equipment, played an important role to stop approach of armies of the opponent and to stabilize front.

More than this, it’s a spectacular box by UMMT, in fact you get the following content inside:

  1. Armored train platform
  2. Truck GAZ-AAA
  3. Anti-aircraft machine gun system model 1931
  4. 45 mm anti-tank gun
  5. Scale model of railway

All split in 9 sprue with photoetching parts and decals.

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