Roden – 719 – OPEL BLITZ (Daimler built, L701 Einheitsfahrerhaus)


OPEL BLITZ (Daimler built, L701 Einheitsfahrerhaus)

In 1944 it was planned to make more than 3,000 L701 trucks (the name given to this ersatz-version). But the constant Allied bombing from the air led to the actual production of these machines in 944 being a small fraction of that, and they managed to build 750 more in 1945. However even from this quantity only a certain number reached the front. The situation with rubber in Germany in the last few months of the war was supercritical, and a large number of vehicles remained idle at the factories; fully prepared, but without wheels. The small number of trucks delivered to the army were used mainly on the Western Front.
The end of war was not the end of the history of this vehicle. Post-war Germany was devastated by bombing and shelling, it was in a state of complete ruin and needed rebuilding. It was simple to restore the L701 to production, and about 10,000 of these machines were built until 1948, when they were replaced on the assembly line by more modern trucks with diesel engines.




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