Revell – 03209 – GTK Boxer FüFz A1


GTK Boxer FüFz A1

Stealth design, great mobility, modern surveillance devices, optimum protection and a very effective armament are key elements in critical situations. In all of these disciplines the BOXER Armoured Transport Vehicle (ATV) is superior to all other vehicles of its class. It is constructed in modular form and serves as a Command Vehicle (Führungsfahrzeug FüFz). It is a highly manoeuvrable mobile command centre or command post vehicle at battalion level. It carries a FLW 200 weapons station for self-defence. The modified combat performance A1 version was used by the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan.

– Detailed chassis
– Faithfully reproduced modular construction
– FLW 200 with 12.7 mm MG
– Smoke discharger unit
– Imitation Driving Compartment
– Moveable drivers hatch

Authentic decal set for following versions:
– Unknown unit, Germany, 2015
– Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan 2012


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