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Revell – 03199 – Strv 122A/122B Swedish Leopard 2

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The Strv 122 is basically similar to the German LEOPARD 2A5, the differences being more advanced features such as the anti-bomblet roof protection or additional armour on the frontal arc. The LEOPARD 2 built expressly for Sweden has a control system which also shows tactical data on a digital map. This produced not only superior weapons technology but also operational superiority. Some of the total of 120 Strv 122s purchased were equipped with improved anti-mine protection like the German LEOPARD 2A6M and designated the Strv 122B. Since then the original version has been known as the Strv 122A.

– Optional Strv 122A or Strv 122B
– Finely detailed surface features with non-slip coating
– Two-piece track that bends – even more authentic
– GALIX smoke grenade dischargers
– Authentic anti-bomblet roof protection
– Additional armour on the frontal arc
– Rotating turret
– Elevating cannon
– Turret hatches can be shown open

Decals for 4 variants:
– Stridvagon 122A, South Sweden, 1999
– Stridvagon 122A, Skaraborgs Regiment P4, “Combined Challange 2006”
– Stridvagon 122A, Norrbotten Regiment I19, “Cold Response 2006”
– Stridvagon 122B, Skaraborg Regiment P4, Skövde, 2011


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