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Added: October 21, 2013

MK72 – 7204 – SdKfz.250/1 or SdKfz. 251/10 Alte

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SdKfz.250/1 or SdKfz. 251/10 Alte

Great news from MK72 Modelle/MPK Modellbau. They are releasing tow new sets, covering two Sdkfz 250 variants, /1 and /10, and for early or late versions. See set 7205 for the other options.
In both boxes you will find options for both variants.
This is a nice addition, till now, you could choose between the old Italeri sets, with awful tracks, or the ACE sets, which haves some problems fitting parts. So we are happy with these release. It’s a pity that they didn’t included parts for a /3 version.
You can see here all the currently Sd.Kfz 250 sets listed.


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