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Mirage Hobby – 726089 – M5A1 (Late) ‘Stuart Mk.VI’ Light Tank

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M5A1 (Late) ‘Stuart Mk.VI’ Light Tank
1st Polish Armd. Div. Chambois, Normandy, August 18th 1944

Markings (4 types):

Stuart Mk.VI, from 10th (Polish) Mounted Rifle Regiment (1st Armoured Division recconaissance detatchment) 1st (Polish) Armoured Division. Chambois, August 18th, 1944.
Stuart Mk.VI, from 2nd Armoured Regiment, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st (Polish) Armoured Division.
Les Champeaux, 18/19th September, 1944.
Stuart Mk.VI, from 2nd Armoured Regiment, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st (Polish) Armoured Division.
Germany, 1945.
Stuart Mk.VI, from 24th Hetman Zolkiewski Armoured Lancers Regiment, 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, 1st (Polish) Armoured Division. Belgium, 1944.

Short history:

In 1st Armored Division used in combat were two “Stuart” tanks types; M3A3 (Mk. V) i M5A1 (Mk. VI). In May 1944 Mk. V “Stuarts” were passed to 10th Light Horsemen Regiment,
and newly received M5A1 (Mk. VI) tanks to 24. Uhlans Regiment. Because 1st Armored Division received M5A1 relatively late, they came from the late production versions.
Characteristic features of Polish “Stuarts” were typical for British tanks smoke grenade launchers mounted on the armored guards of tower machine guns.
In the early terms of fighting, they retain metal dust aprons, on which, in spite of repainting the tanks with British camouflage paint SCC 15 (British Olive Drab) painted were large side white stars…

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