Minairons – 20GEV005 – T-26 A & B Light Tank


T-26 A & B Light Tank

The Spanish brand continues with their way into the Spanish Civil War and the early stages of the World War II. This time the box contains 2 vehicles inside, and you have option to built up the 1931 twin turret model. The box includes decals for USSR, Finland, Turkey and Spain (both SCW sides), and they are high quality decals, as all the range offered by the brand. There are also an option for an open hatch with a commander figure, which if not bad, seems to not be the great feature of the set.
Parts are well cast and everything fits well together, details are very basic as the model is intended for games.
While there are a well bunch of T26 variants available in the market, this is the first attempt done in injected plastic as a quick-built/games model.



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