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MAC Distribution – 72135 – German Light Truck G 3 a

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German Light Truck G 3 a
German Light truck G 3
Development of special military vehicles in 1928 by Daimler Benz Company led to the creation of the first model G3 (6×4), followed a year later by upgraded type G 3a. It was a light truck with capacity of 1.5 tons, driven by six cylinder in-line petrol engine with an output of 68 hp. The vehicle was equipped with a four-speed gearbox, twin carburettors and hydraulic brakes. Maximum speed was 65 km per hour, consumption is on the road 35 l per 100 km and 45 l per 100 km off road. The dimensions can be varied according to each version. Cargo version had a length of 6000 mm, width 2100 mm and height of 2450 mm. A total of 2,000 vehicles of the many versions were produced. They were used throughout the war on all fronts in units of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe.

Among the most widespread versions were fighting movable observation (Kfz 76), command car (Kfz 77), tanker, truck assembly, radiocar, signal car (Kfz 61) and mobile printer (Kfz 62).

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