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Italeri – 7069 – M106 Mortar Carrier

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M106 Mortar Carrier

Italeri bring us back another ESCI set updated, with new decals and not much more.

The M-113 is, up today, one of the most successfull armored personal carrier of tanks and armored vehicles history. Developed and designed on the ‘50s, it was able to load on board a fully equipped infantry squadron and it was able to provide close support. On the reliable and flexible M-113 frame, a lot of versions has been realized to perform specialized duties on the battlefields. The M-106 mortar carrier has been one of the most common version of the prolific M-113. Directly derived from M-113 frame it was built to transport a 107 mm. or 120 mm. heavy mortars. The mortar was mounted in a turntable in the rear troop compartment and it could be fired directly from the vehicle, but could also be fired dismounted. Furthermore, to provide a better on board efficiency, the original M-113 roof has been changed with a three part circular hatch.




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