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Italeri – 7068 – M48A2C

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Another Old-Esci re-release. So many years after the dead of the brand Italeri continues dosing ESCI moulds to releases “new” sets.

The medium tank M-48 Patton was born during the Cold War to replace the previous one, and widespread, M-47. The first units were delivered to the United States Army at the beginning of 50s. Compared to its predecessor, the M-48 used a new hull and a new turret, made both by fusion and more protective, and a new suspension system. The early versions adopted the same 90 mm. gun of the M-47. The M-48 Patton was produced during its history in an impressive number and played an active role in several war theaters. Widely, used since 1965, during the Vietnam War, and in particular by the Marine Corps, the “Patton” were also used by the Israelis, alongside the heavier Centurion, during the Six-Day War in 1967. The version A2 was characterized, in particular, by engine, transmissions and turret improvements.



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