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S125 “Pechora”

Export modification of S-125 “NEVA” system was
delivered under the name of “Pechora” into 35 countries over the world. S-125 air missile system was added to arsenal of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bulgaria,Cuba, Czechia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Hungary, India, Iraq, Libya, Mali,
Mongolia, Mozambique, North Korea, Peru, Poland, Syria, Tanzania,Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia, and almost every CIS country. SAM S-125 system was successfully applied during some armed conflicts and local wars.Complexes SAM S-125 have been put by spring of 1970 to Egypt, for strengthening air defence of this country, in the conditions of the amplified strikes of the Israeli aircraft which are carried out during so-called “war of attrition” 1968-1970. During October war 1973 SAM S-125 successfully reflected strikes of the Israeli aircraft. After 1973 complexes S-125 were applied by Iraquis per 1980-1988 in war with Iran, in 1991 – at reflection of strikes of aircraft of a multinational coalition. Were used Siryans against Israelis during the Lebanese crisis 1982, Libyans for shooting on the American planes in 1986,Yugoslavs against Americans and their allies in 1999, and also during war in Angola. According to the Yugoslavian militarians, by complex S-125 on March, 27th, 1999 in the sky above Yugoslavia has been brought down F-117
which photos of fragments have been published in mass media.


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