Dragon – 7510 – Churchill Mk.III, Dieppe 1942

Churchill Mk.III, Dieppe 1942

Authentic Churchill Mk.III as used at Dieppe rendered w/excellent detail
Newly tooled antenna for Churchill Mk.III
Newly tooled turret plate represent as original
Newly tooled extended exhaust pipes for deep-water wading
Turret hatches can be assembled open/closed
Newly tooled side fenders presented w/multiple parts as per original
Highly detailed tracks and sprocket wheels
Side fenders molded w/detailed weld seams and spare track links
One-piece slide-molded lower hull
Bolts and rivets delicately represented on hull bottom
Inlet louvers molded w/detailed pattern
Newly tooled early-pattern tracks represented by one-piece DS tracks
Accurate one-piece gun barrel w/muzzle counterweight
Idler and sprocket wheels are authentic and easy to assemble
One-piece bogies produced for easy assembly
Slide-molded turret for Churchill Mk.III represented by separate parts

The Churchill infantry tank is a most distinctive design with its extremely long chassis and wraparound tracks. Named after the British Minister of Defense of the time, the Churchill tank was very well armored. It was produced in a series of versions that offered heavier armor and more powerful armament as the war progressed. The Mk.III, weighing in at 39,626kg, arrived on the scene in March 1942. It featured a 6-pounder gun in the all-welded turret, and the hull-mounted howitzer fitted in previous variants was deleted. The Churchill Mk.III was famously involved in the failed landing at Dieppe in northern France on 19 August 1942. The raid landed more than 3,600, mostly Canadian, soldiers, of which 60% were killed, wounded or captured.

Dragon is issuing a 1/72 scale kit representing a Churchill Mk.III of the type that went ashore at Dieppe. To create this variant, many new components such as a complete upper hull have been newly tooled. A very obvious addition is the extended exhaust pipes for deep wading, with these aiding tanks disembarking from landing craft on Dieppe’s beach. The Churchill Mk.III is beautifully detailed, and it assembles quickly and easily into an accurate model thanks to time-saving elements like one-piece DS tracks and single-piece bogies. These early-type tracks are brand new. This is not just a rehashed Churchill Mk.III kit, for it offers modelers something quite unique with its multiple new parts.



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