Dragon – 7492 – VK.45.02(P)V

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  • Newly tooled VK.45.02(P)V
  • Newly tooled upper hull w/details
  • Set of on-vehicle tools come w/clamps
  • Hooks added on front of hull
  • Delicate turret reproduced
  • Slide-molded lower hull w/bolt details
  • Interlocking plates realistically rendered on both hull and turret
  • Delicate engine deck reproduced
  • Road wheels accurately reproduced
  • Highly detailed sprocket wheels
  • One-piece DS tracks

Dragon previously released an impressive 1/72 scale kit of the VK.45.02(P)H prototype, which had the Krupp turret mounted well to the rear of the hull. Now Dragon is offering its partner, the VK.45.02(P)V, with the ‘V’ in the designation denoting Vorwarts. This alludes to the fact that the turret was mounted further forward on the hull (i.e. in front of rather than behind the engines) in a more conventional manner than occurred with the H type. One example was to see combat. The one-piece upper hull on this kit is a brand new molding suitable for this variant. The unique deck layout depicts the accurate engine deck details. The hull also carries the Porsche turret later assigned to the Tiger II, and there are also easy-to-assemble DS tracks. The ‘V’ version of this Porsche prototype allows modelers to move forward onto something new and special!


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