Dragon – 7485 – IJN Type 2 Ka-Mi w/Floating Pontoon Amphibious Tank

Exquisite Type 2 w/floating pontoons newly produced
Exhaust pipe w/photo-etched cover realistically produced
Rail on front pontoon included
Intricate hydroscope molded on turret
Delicate conning tower included
Hatch on upper hull can be assembled open/closed
Injection-molded float attachments w/crisp details
True-to-scale ultra-thin propellers
One-piece upper hull made from 3-directional slide mold
Ventilation grill produced in maximum detail
3-directional slide-molded one-piece lower hull
Intricate idler wheels and return rollers accurately produced
Sprocket wheels w/breathtaking detail
Suspension system offers easy assembly
One-piece DS track reproduced


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