Aoshima – 009963 – JGSDF Type 73 Heavy Tank Transporter & Type74 Tank


JGSDF Type 73 Semi Trailer w/Type 74 MBT

JGSDF Type 73 Semi Trailer w/Type 74 MBT, so called “Type 73 Semi Trailer” is a 3-axis MBT transportation trailer assigned to five active armies and logistic support regiments of JGSDF. The maximum loading capacity is 40t, maximum road speed is 60km/h, with characteristic high profile for rough terrain. This vehicle is mainly used for transporting Type 74 and type 10 tanks, and can only be seen in night time due to Vehicle Restriction law.

This model kit recreates the engine and frame of the tractor, and even underside of the semi trailer chassis in the first class authenticity based on the intense study of the real vehicle. The landing gears are supplied with two sets in folded and extended position, which can be replaced even after assembly. Additionally, PIT ROAD’s 1/72 JGSDF Type 74 MTB model kit is cooperatively included.

Box contains trailer & Type 74 tank, a good deal.


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